The Best Ways to Improve Your Squash Game

Do you want to become the best squash player in the world? Whether you are a professional or an amateur player in a squash game, you probably want to know the most important key factors in order to improve your skills in playing squash game.


Here are some of the best ways to improve your squash game:

1. Keep Your Opponent on the Move

Just like any other ball and racket game, speed is an important key factor to win the game. On the other note, it is also of great importance to know how to control the game in the sense that you should learn the art of keeping your opponent on the move.

This simply means that you should hit the squash ball in the opposite direction of your enemy in the game. Driving them towards the other direction will keep them running all over the room which can cause you victory in the game.

But of course, with this factor, you should also be prepared with such circumstances because the opposing player may just use this technique against you. In order to be ready in such a situation, it is important to have the best quality of a squash shoes.

A good squash shoes have the qualities such as the comfort, weight, grip, durability, and the cushioning. This website also has great information about squash shoes. Does it suit your feet well? Will it not cause you trouble as you play a squash game? Can you move and run around during the game by giving you a good traction or firm grip?

2. Going or Dropping the Ball Short

Going or dropping the ball short is a technique that every squash game player should know. This strategy is known to be one of the most famous techniques being used throughout the history of a squash game.

Going in short as you hit the ball back will not be anticipated by the opposing player. Therefore, being far from the ball would also keep the opposing player on the move as they chase the ball back.

This might be a common strategy in every racket and ball game, but this is actually one of the most effective strategies that you should be mindful of.

3. Deception with the Shots

Being deceptive in the game is a good quality of being the best squash game player. Deception in this field means that you should show your opponent the opposite type of hitting the ball to the actual way of you, hitting the ball. Make sure to disguise the speed and the force that you use when you are about to hit the ball.

This technique will make the opposing player that they already know your next move. But what they are not aware of is the fact that you are actually doing the opposite move in driving the ball. If they cannot anticipate your correct movements, then they have a tendency to lose this ball game.

4. Hitting Winning Shots

Everyone loves to witness a point of rally moment during a squash game. Hitting the ball through a winning shot by being deceptive in the game can actually help. But it is also great if you would learn how to end a rallying point. Ending this is actually the real winning shot in the game.